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Awareness programme for Gujarat farmers under Soil-To-Extraction Plan for Stevia.

The company conducted an awareness programme for Gujarat farmers in the city of Ahmedabad during the last week of March 2010 under the leadership of Shri Bhupendrasinhji Chudasama, former Agriculture Minister of Gujarat. About 15 well known farmers from Ahmedabad, Baroda, Kutch, Mehsana, Sabarkantha districts attended this seminar on stevia contract farming under the “Soil-To-Extraction” plan.

“Farmers in our state are more progressive and take keen interest in such kind of new agricultural activities. We have successfully adopted major crops such as potato, tomato and other horticulture crops under the format of Contract Farming in the state with buy-back arrangement,” Mr Chudasama said, at the seminar.

During the seminar, the company officials presented the Audio Visual of 'Actual Cultivation Program' and also explained the pre and post harvest process, expenses incurred, returns on investment and technical aspects of the crop through a PowerPoint Presentation.

“The company is looking for a complete soil-to-extraction integration for stevia under one roof by undertaking large scale contract farming which would help in creating a STRONG backward linkage with farmer groups so that farmers will get remunerative price and the company will get assured feedstock for its herbal extraction unit,” Dilip J Joshi, Managing Director of the company said.

The company is intending to enter into global market with good amount of exposure in terms of value and volume. The company is in the process of achieving some good deals with some of the leading global players of natural sweeteners for long term for regular supply of stevia powder, he explained.
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International news on stevia
  • By Caroline Scott-Thomas, 31-Mar-2010

    Related topics: Natural sweeteners, Financial & Industry, Health and nutritional ingredients, Sweeteners (intense, bulk, polyols)

    GLG Life Tech and Weider Global Nutrition have agreed to drop lawsuits against each other and continue selling their stevia-derived sweeteners separately, dissolving their Sweet Naturals partnership.

    GLG Life Tech and Weider Global Nutrition (WGN) struck a deal in September 2008, ahead of FDA GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status being achieved for stevia extracts in food and drinks in December that year. The partnership, called GLG Weider Sweet Naturals Corp (or Sweet Naturals), was intended to take advantage of Weider’s expertise in marketing and distribution of nutritional products, and GLG Life Tech’s knowledge of stevia. The joint business initially focused on tabletop stevia sweeteners before moving into food ingredients following FDA GRAS.

    However, Weider Global Nutrition started legal proceedings in a British Columbia Supreme Court on November 4 last year, claiming that by setting up a separate sales team GLG had breached Sweet Naturals’ shareholders’ agreement, and accused it of misrepresentations by GLG and its chairman/CEO, and of a breach of trust

    (source: Foodnavigator, USA) .
  • By Caroline Scott-Thomas, 23-Feb-2010

    Related topics: Natural sweeteners, Financial & Industry, Carbohydrates and fibers (sugar, starches), Sweeteners (intense, bulk, polyols)

    PureCircle and Imperial Sugar have launched a joint venture to offer sugar and stevia combinations to the food and beverage industry as it looks to meet consumer demand for natural lower calorie products.

    PureCircle manufactures a natural, high intensity Reb A sweetener derived from the leaves of the stevia plant. It has been positioning the sweetener as a possible complement to sugar for some time, to take advantage of both products’ natural status, meaning that unlike many other sweeteners that could be used to reduce sugar, manufacturers could continue to use a natural claim while cutting calories, as long as the other ingredients in the product are natural.

    Natural Sweet Ventures has been created to make use of the technologies and expertise that both companies have developed for sweetening a range of applications.

    PureCircle USA’s marketing director Jason Hecker told FoodNavigator-USA.com:“We wanted to make sure that we could make the technology work…It’s really about doing more than just a simple blend. There’s a lot we can do to get the great taste of sugar.”

    Natural Sweet will provide both liquid and crystallized sweetener combinations, Hecker said, allowing different levels of calorie reduction according to the application. One of the particular challenges of powdered blends is ensuring an even distribution of Reb A throughout to avoid pockets of intensely sweet stevia, a problem that Natural Sweet claims to have solved through proprietary methods.

    (source: Foodnavigator, USA)
  • By Sarah Hills, 31-Jul-2008

    Related topics: Natural sweeteners, Financial & Industry, Sweeteners (intense, bulk, polyols)

    PepsiCo is whipping up a storm in the beverage industry as it raises the stakes against its old rival Coca-Cola with the launch of a new natural sweetener from the stevia plant.

    PepsiCo has joined with the Whole Earth Sweetener Company to introduce its all-natural, zero-calorie sweetener under the brand name of PureVia.

    It follows hot on the heels of Coca-Cola which joined with Cargill to develop it’s rebiana product, which is also derived from stevia, in response to strong consumer demand for low-calorie products. They announced in May that when it comes to market the brand name for the sweetener will be Truvia.

    It was also in May that Whole Earth, a subsidiary of Merisant Company, submitted a notification and supporting scientific data to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that PureVia is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for use in beverages, foods and tabletop sweeteners.

    Stevia has previously been permitted for sale in the US as a dietary supplement, on the basis of its low glycemic index. However, the US's largest supplier of stevia, Wisdom Natural Brands, announced in June that it is launching the natural sweetener beyond the dietary supplements aisle for the first time, after having self-affirmed GRAS.

    PepsiCo told FoodNavigator-USA.com that it would prefer to wait for FDA approval before bringing PureVia to consumers in the United States. But it will debut in a new nutritionally enhanced PepsiCo beverage called SoBe Life, to be launched in Latin America, starting with Peru next month. It will then be rolled out globally.

    Lou Imbrogno, PepsiCo's senior vice president of Pepsi worldwide technical operations, said: "This is a potential game-changer among zero-calorie sweeteners.

    “PureVia is all natural. It's extracted from the stevia plant leaf and not synthetically produced. We've got ample supply and we look forward to bringing PureVia to consumers around the world."

    According to Paul Block, chief executive officer of Merisant and Whole Earth Sweetener Company, it has taken four years of research and development to bring the product to market.

    (source: Foodnavigator, USA
  .GreenRev Agro Private Limited (GRAPL) is venturing into global natural sweetener market with an aim to set up an extraction unit in the country and also entering into contract farming business on a large scale to obtain required high quality of feedstock for its extraction unit...

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